Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Race day....sea of Red!

Wow...one would think it's a Ferrari convention.....looking across the circuit, great swathes of Ferrari red...all for one man of course. To say Alonso is worshipped here is an understatement!..Good business for Ferrari!
A very hot sunny day ..started the day with a glorious lemon smoothie...then a coffee in Ferrari motor home.
I had a walk around the F1 village with all the spectators gathering in anticipation... donning their huge Flags ...Catalan ...Ferrari and Spanish...they become costumes in this big open arena.
Back to the Paddock I was asked by one of the F1 communication guys.What I was doing ....they all see me around the paddock...think they though I was some kind of Spy...a plant!   I suppose in a way I am....a visual diarist.
With an hour to go before the race the tension builds ..it's fascinating observing this..teams preparing last minute checks...the films crews take over the paddock at this stage...it's worse than the Grid...you don't know where to walk....bizarre you get people people filming the TV presenters ..filming the teams!..some of these presenters are quite well know in their countries.
I'm sure my head has been shown in many countries!...I am getting better ..not walking between camera and presenter!
I like getting onto the Grid early just before the teams and cars enter...just the Grid girls...then the gates open and all the teams and dignitaries arrive....so so busy and very hot...the track surface was extremely hot...the rubber on my shoes was starting to melt!....I was aware of leaving my rubber on the track!...
I managed to take some good pictures of the cars arriving to their Grid Positions...close up shots of Vettel and Button in their cars.
Great race again...I get to my position with all the photographers with around 5 laps to go...A long line waiting to rush to position under the Podium....A good shot of the 2 British Flags sandwiching the German....Think we may see this a lot!
Rush to the Airport.  Sat close to the BBC commentary team...Jake Humphreys had just learnt prior to take-off that they had just won a Bafta for their coverage....heard Jake shout as he passed through ' Anything to Declare'....''Nothing to declare...just a bafta!''
The Glitz and Glamour of Monaco next....Volcano Ash permitting!!!.....keeping an eye on this...I may have to start cycling now!

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