Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quality Quali

So nice to walk a short distance to the circuit ...you would have thought it was a race day by the
amount of people even at 9. A GP3 race stared around then..must be difficult to get motivated so early....I can't fire my engines without that first cup of coffee!
Went straight to the race organisers office....found Salvador the Circuits General Manager and Promoter.
He was delighted o be asked to write a short piece about his relationship with F1.
 Took me to his office in this amazing old farm house bang in the middle of the circuit...took some good pics of him writing. He wrote in Catalan....fantastic
Unfortunately the Chairman was less willing to collaborate for whatever reason.
Isabelle from Allsport - who run the paddock club granted me permission again to enter and find the Santander suite and UBS.  It's so difficult to get close to to the respective CEO's....what I have learnt is to be persistent....bordering on annoying...just stepping back from Pain in the..........
Everybody has a job to do....so for me as an artist, discovering a side to me I didn't know was there..remarkable.....Who needs Galleries!.....with their 50% cut!
Hopefully will find the CEO's later or tomorrow.
The Paddock was buzzing..being so narrow creates a different atmosphere. Clocked Jackie Stewart in his Tartan trousers and obligatory cap!, he was chatting to Martin Blundell who is a race steward.
I'm getting sopped more in the Paddock asking how the painting is going...Monisha Ceo of Sauber racing, billowed across the Paddock  ...''Havn't forgotten.. don't worry...will write my piece later...''
   so nice..can't quite believe how these people in this high pressured environment are responding to this Art project....
Long day...Looking forward to tomorrow.  Having some Champagne in the Paddock Club with some guys from F1 Management..
 I met a Dutch guy who bought some of my work in Abu Dhabi..how nice, he was keen on the new project. Big supporter of Red Bull...he got vettel and webber to sign my prints..

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