Friday, 27 May 2011

Monte Carlo or Bust......

Never has a saying been so true!....all or nothing here
Flew into nice ..(wed) .beautiful flying over the coast...St Tropez to Nice:
Travelled to Nice with  Mr Ecclestone`s PA......felt like I was landing into a set of Thunderbirds!...
Tracy Island...almost expected Thunderbirds 2 to fly overhead!
Checked into the very stylish Columbus Hotel, part owned by David Caulthard....  hotel window; overlooking the bay and pool...great start!
Went straight down to the circuit..lovey short walk; to find a state of chaos...motor homes still being erected...apparently the guys had been working during the night; its a tough back to back requirement, just a few days from Barcelona.
Its certainly a unique race....all the circuit open to public..whilst the authorities work on the surround...although it does look so chaotic..I know that all will come together....incredible!.
Thurs is a public holiday so the 1st and 2nd free practice take place...then Friday is a no car day...they then open the circuit to the public cars again;
Seeked out the offices of the Monaco Automobile Club who run and promote the race..;with all the barriers..its quite a feat of navigation finding these places!!
Hopefully will get its President to write some lines for me.
Ive lined up Richard Branson to write and Patrick Head from Williams over the weekend.
I have never seen such a massive concentration of Boats...super Yachts....with the sun glistening off their polished hulls...beautiful sight...think they will be competing with cars in my Monaco painting...
Found a lovely little seafood restaurant near the Hotel...sat near Rubens ...hes a man of good choice!

A day of Walking...The Formula 1 management gave me a photographers tabard, giving me full access to the track...what a treat..touching distance from the cars...great shots ...stunning buildings...Stunning zoom lens had not encountered such action before!!!
The famous bends, chicanes,hairpins and straights are so much indelibly linked to Motor racing history and really feels that..
Walked up to the Casino..somehow...barriers everywhere.  Met a friend Martin who lives here outside Cafe de Paris...very impressive; Nice Lunch..28 degrees and getting warmer..
The sound of the cars resonates all over around the hills....walked through the famous tunnel...even without the cars whizzing through the noise and vibration is still bone shattering!
The evening an invite to The Red Bull Party on their floating Motor Home in the Marina...huge!!  That was great. Spoke to a German Journalist who was keen to do an article about me and the commission perhaps during the German Grand Prix.
Around 10:30 we went to the Biggest Yacht in the Marina...VJ owner of Force India team hosted a big bollywood themed pleased to get an invite..lots of teams went...he does this every year..very much part of the Glamour of Monte Carlo ....waiting in line with invite...the top gear team jump the queue..Clarkson and May!!   They are hear filming for the program..apparently they are driving around the circuit later today(which is  Friday by the way)
Not many dressed in Indian gear..the champagne was flowing....
 Off to the Palace now to take pics....determined to get Prince Albert to write something...need help from Mr E with this one....

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