Friday, 20 May 2011

Gorged on Gaudi....

Arrived yesterday (thursday) morning, at 10. Great to report Ross Brawn , many of the BBC commentary team all sitting in the cheap seats on the plane.. Lovely new terminal greeting our arrival.. Driven to the hotel which is touching distance to the circuit....
Quick shower then driven to the city to meet an artist  friend Tommy.. studied here sometime ago...but a frquent visitor....acting as my guide...he was mightaly impressed by me arriving with my driver in a beautiful black merc!
First time in Barcalona...what a beautiful city, the.architectual .beauty left by Gaudi is astonishing!..a completly different experence seeing the buildings up close as opposed to images in books and online...the decorative tiles and mosaics are just incrediible....he was obviously ...mad as a box of frogs!...but a master in my book, curious thing though the spanish Gaudi foundation in their wisdom are adding huge sections to the Cathederal-Sagrada a syle they beleive complimentary to Gaudi....I say let it be!..dont touch!
 My Spainish panel maybe more of a homage to Gaudi...with layers of Formula 1...I think gaudi...with  his surreal notion of life..would appreaciate this fusion!!
A long day ending in a typical Catalan bar with some english artists who studied here 20 years ago and never went back!....lovely tapas and wine..

Friday Morning.
First impression of the Circuit de Catalunya...Great for spectators!...Fantastic vantage points ...natural hills ...big grass banks close to the track..and the cars....grandstands everywhere for all to far the best circuit so far for spectators, in my opinion.  First practice and already thousands of prople pouring in....pretty much all supporting Alonso and Ferrari... back to the circuit now to meet up with th General manager of the circuit, apparently the CEO´s of Santander (race sponsors)...UBS and Hublot watches are I have to find them!.....

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