Monday, 9 May 2011

Race Day

What a full, fun packed day...and the sun blessed the race too.
Arrived early 8-30, meeting with Silvia from Mclaren press office. Martin Whitmarsh wrote a very nice piece..quite profound..talking about his unswervable quest for perfection, a real insight.
All these written pieces can be read at the end of the season when they are integrated into the artwork.
The Motor Homes are an architectural marvel...each very different but all with such fine attention to detail..just like their cars, I guess this is why the F1 hospitality is the finest in the world.
After my visit to Mclaren and very nice cappuccino I dashed over to the offices of Allsport Management who are responsible for the Paddock Club Hospitality. Mr Ecclestone confirmed to me that the DHL (Race sponsors for Turkey) CEO Ken Allen was at the circuit.
Allsport kindly granted me a pass the DHL suite to meet him and to get him write a piece about the special relationship that exists between his company and F1.
I caught him somewhat by a way I think this is a good thing because what is written becomes an instinctual response, no time to prepare a corporate prepared piece.
Another dash to the Grid, the Grandstand was full, the Turkish fans were very vocal great to hear.
I took a great picture of Red Bull's Chief Engineer Adrian Newey taking a interested look at the rear of Alonso's Ferrari..which is ironic as the rear of the Red Bull cars are masked completely by the mechanics.
Poor grid girl collapsed and had to be carried away...not surprised ..their heels were like stilts!
Watched the race in the Sauber Motor home with Japanese TV crew...nice earl grey and some Chocolate...very civilised!
Great race...although I'm happy for Mr Vettel...I dont want his boat race to adorn all my paintings!
Another rush from the Podium to catch a car to the airport...nice people Turkish..
Spain next.....

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