Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sunday morning- Race Day

Another glorious morning in Abu clear and bright...don't know of any place I've been to where the light-brightness has this level of intensity. 
It's quite early Sunday morning ..the track is fairly quiet, I've been asked to come early to meet Khaldoon ..It's 10 am ..the teams don't arrive until later .perhaps 11,
The race starts at 5pm so later start for all...actually they love it because the could party last night!..lots going on too...big party in the hotel .
Last night I had a meeting with a sub editor of a new sports newspaper in UAE 360 Sport.
He wants to do a big feature when the paintings are pleased ...have been introduced to many people in PR and media who are very keen on doing features...ratchets up the pressure a little though!...All this has to go through Mr E, he may have other ideas with regard PR etc.
Lots of names in town.should be a fun grid later today...Paul McCartney ..he's a guest of Mclaren..seeing him perform later..Man city manager Mancini..guest of Ferrari..some players too..after all Abu Dhabi own the team!..funny to see all the posters around the city with images of Man City players with written below...Our Team....
The kng of Spain is here would be great to get him to write a piece...he didn't go to Barcelona..always come here apparently...Have to ask Mr E about that.
Very excited about the grid today....two massive grandstands either side...very gladiatorial look....
I sent a text to a friend the other day..saying I was on my way to Ferrari world...then my phone suddenly changed to predictive texting....In the world of Predictive text Ferrari becomes Ferret!..
Ferret world!...great fun!!

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