Saturday, 26 November 2011

Interlagos.....race weekend..Samba Sunshine!


Friday was such a full day...very warm too...good to know the Brazilian weather forecasters

are as bad as the Brits equivalent!...rain was expected......brilliant sunshine!

I saw the first signs of the Samba party that awaits!... first practise the grandstands were a third full but very vocal!...singing and dancing..can't wait to see the full grandstands, there are so many dotted around the track, great viewing for all, in each grandstand they can see pretty much the whole circuit....very different sound here too because the track is set in this bowl..different acoustics.

I was positioned on the first corner as the cars exit the close to the cars..I will always remember in future the very distinctive sweet smell of the burning fuel as the cars whizz pass...

It's certainly a great circuit ...the infrastructure is very dated...nevertheless very endearing...funny to

see the FOM offices in the paddock.....converted toilets!.....glamorous F1!

Looking forward to the paddock today...there will be so many people brushing pass each other.

I sat outside Sauber hospitality drinking a coffee sitting next to two Mexican guys, the head of the Mexican Automobile Club and his friend who is investing into a huge vineyard in Argentina..a lovely

conversation ensued, this is the beauty actually of the tiny paddock ...people are forced to talk to each other...lots of beautiful Brazilian girls brushing past's tough!!!

Somehow it works here.. so nice to meet lots of different South Americans connected with F1A and interested in my artwork...always sparks a conversation. I’m so pleased.

Last night I went uptown to a very middle class area..what a contrast to the vicinity of the circuit..apparently Ayrton Senna purchased a lot a land around the circuit and built housing for the poor, the Senna foundation are still active in this regard...Senna is a God here!

There may be a chance I will meet his sister today,,,,the lady I was with last night Agnes knows her very well and will introduce me.

I took Agnes out to thank her for being so helpful in introducing me to various journalists whom have written articles.

We went firstly to a villa where her friends live,,,,huge walled gardens,,, had to pass through two big gates to enter...lovely house with security and is important here...big kidnapping risk!

The restaurant was beautiful... traditional Brazilian food...lovely decorative interior very stylish and attracted the beautiful people!....noticed some Ferrari management there too.

Very much looking forward to the circuit now.....

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