Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sao Paulo Samba Sunday!

Great anticipation...waiting to go to the track for the last time this year!....should be a special day.

Rain is expected..although looking out the window ...doesn't seem true.

You know we have only 5 winners this year from 18 races ..all 5 are world champions.....if one of the 5

wins today that would be a first!

I'd love to see a different winner saying that....yesterday Bruno Senna had the widest biggest smile in the paddock

after quali...think he finished 7th...Hamilton looked very downbeat!...they walked past each other.....

complete contrast!

I was able to walk over to the far side of the circuit during to a big grandstand that was full and rocking!'s the closest to a football crowd I've seen all many people wearing special yellow vests commemorating the tracks 40th year...very colourful and very Brazilian!

this race is a snappers dream!

The paddock was completely full..nightmare for the team engineers trying to move gear across the paddock...I really sense this end of term feeling's as if the pressure has lifted temporarily and the teams can look forward to the break...very short break!

Today will be very busy...have to run the  promoters office during the race to catch the City Mayor and local governor and Sponsor CEO...all before I dash to the photograph Senna with the winners trophy aloft!!!...........

Lot's of drinking in the bar last night....there was a farewell party for Patrick Head from Williams,

He's retiring.
The whiskey measures in the bar...huge! ...not the little thimble size shots in the UK....

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