Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sunday afternoon-Yas Circuit Race

Sunday afternoon..
Never seen such a busy paddock, the Paddock club on the top floor of the Grandstand, covers the whole length.could be the biggest Paddock club,so therefore more people ...all invited corporate guests...and guests of guests!... spilling out into the paddock....there is a pit lane walk 2 hours before the race...one couldn't move, so full..great to see though..F1 has really captured the imagination of people in this region,,,admittedly lots are expats..but more Emirati this year too...there tickets also include the
MCcartney concert after the race.......which was amazing..we had received VIP passes for the front area next to the stage,,,so much energy the legend has...singing a medley of wings and Beatles ...even tried to speak Arabic....he's so good at communicating with the audience....I had to leave just before the end to catch the transfer to the airport.

Just before the race the chairman Khaldoon was free to write his piece...great.in English and in Arabic.
The grid was full...busy and very colourful not least the setting sun behind...seemed to be setting earlier this year perhaps because the race date is different,,,turning back towards the end of the grid it was difficult to see.   There also were masses of security guys on there to...lot's of Royal presence also the King of Spain came to the grid being driven in a golf buggy..apparently this was a first...because he is such a close friend to Mr E..and he looked quite frail...saw him climb out and embrace Alonso...nice to see.   So many footballers too.....a very fat Ronaldo- the first one!....wow that was a surprise..there were a mix of  Man City and QPR players and managers....probably just as well MCcartney wasn't n the grid...it would have been carnage out there!....photographers getting there Nikon knickers in a twist!!!

At the start of the race when Vettel spun off with tyre puncture..I did think....fantastic...a different winner in my painting!!!.....sorry Seb!
Directly after that I noticed I had a missed call from the assistant to James Hogen, CEO of Etihad Airways, informing me that he was in their suite and inviting me to come up......
dashed up to meet him...very happy when it all comes together..
.Also met Mr E in the lift after the race..a short chat about the progress....he said we must get the King of Spain to write...hopefully that will happen soon..even if I have to fly to Spain it would be worth ....he is such a huge F1 fan .so it would be perfect to include his words in the Artwork.
What an amazing day culminating in the great concert too....flight left at 2am....back in studio now to prepare painting number 18!....

Next week Brazil, the last race...can't believe it!...time has literally flown by...spent so much time on airplanes..I could have rigged up an easel in the gally!!

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