Thursday, 6 October 2011

Suzuka...Japan's home of Motor Sport

Here I am in Japan....a country I was always looking forward to visiting..what a journey nearly 20 hours.
Good things comes to those who wait....and wait ...and wait...finally arrived after a brief stop in Taipei.
Flew into a heavy rain storm....but awoke this morning to a glorious sunny morning and apparently all set for the good weather staying with us.....I'm sure Vettel has a hotline to him upstairs!!....speaking of Vettel.......
As I checked in last night to the Suzuka Circuit Flower Garden Hotel..flanking me.. also checking in were to my right Alonso and to my left Vettel....all 3 us signing the forms...and I was treated the same by the staff...although they did say ..'yes Mr Vettel ....yes Mr Alonso....I was Mr Mark.....
This Hotel is in the circuit compound...I think this hotel is closer to the track then any other.
It;s a hotel with  lodges circling the reception...I'm in lavender house!...with kids toys in my room..also a potty!...and kids posters....lots of Bubble gum colours!..
All quite endearing thing is the loo....heated toilet seat!....with lots of buttons attached the the loo....too afraid to press one!.....
Speaking of Bubble gum colours..I took a taxi into Suzuka town about 5 miles away...big industrial city..I was dropped off outside the huge is confronted with a whole host of posters and signs all designed in a sort of animated fashion with these bright colours ...pinks and yellows...
I walked through the first floor...the food hall...what feast for the eye....all the dishes aren't just written on boards but all laid out on plates pinned to the wall as if ready to serve....but set in some sort of resin to preserve them...quite bizarre
Found some very typical Japanese fabric courtesy of a half Japanese half Italian girl working in a coffee shop......never thought I would be asking for fabric in Japan speaking Italian!
After leaving the mall I took a walk down these very long straight roads..curious place...some real gems hidden down tiny side streets...old restaurants with beautiful ultramarine blue tiles..these tiles were evident all over..perhaps a local factory
I eventually found a cab back ...took a while...went into a small hotel ...called Business Hotel...but the B was missing on the sign...when I went inside it seemed there were many things missing!....
thankfully taxi is a universal word.....but the lady pointed to a phone with a number for the would that work!!...eventually she called for me...
nice lady very helpful..although she gave me an almighty slap on my back....alerting me to the fact that the cab had arrived...perhaps this is the local custom....ABH!
The short walk to the circuit was amazing, through a big amusement park....all for kids ..fantastic..lots of mini race tracks with funny looking Karts..and high rides snakng the park...and  big bears entertaining the families...incredible to see...piped music all around..and talking waste disposal units!!
of course I didn't know what they were saying....probably cursing me for not putting my plastic water bottle into the correct hole!
Fans here are indeed fanatical...they know not only the drivers but other members of the funny at breakfast this morning seeing some fans approaching team personnel for their autographs!
I felt left out!!...
The paddock is very wide and long and on a slight incline..I noticed the grid was too..apparently the circuit is in use pretty much all year round..they love their motor sport here...motor bikes are very popular too.   the FOM offices are all very smart ..its amazing seeing the differences throughout the year...some tracks they are temporary huts!
looking forward to spending more time at the track tomorrow..and seeing the fans zone too..should be colourful!

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