Friday, 14 October 2011

Talk about a Korea change!........


Change in the weather!...yesterday glorious hot sunshine....rain all today and much cooler..

but the weekend should be dry they say.

So first and second practice didn't really have any with the extreme wet tyres...good

for photographers with the cars sliding all over, managed to take a picture of Rosberg dislodging his front wing ending up under his front right tyre, I was in a spot so close to the cars...glad I had decent earplugs!

So much to say about today...apparently at the beginning of the week organisers had sprayed green dye on the trackside grass and mud...making it more greener for the TV....but with all the rain today..the dye had washed away with huge green pools of water and green puddles everywhere!

Not many spectators stark contrast to Japan last week, I guess because here we are 3-4 hours from Seoul, and a fledgling race..takes time...

The track looks very impressive, the drivers seem to like the many turns...huge paddock area, with large Team hospitality..the longest walk from one end to the other..even longer for me now I know people and stop to chat's great to feel part of the community now.

Yesterday was a mixed day in the morning I went to the sea port , fish market...amazing sight fish everywhere all packed into wooden boxes and many frisk gutted and laid on netting to dry out in the sun....quite a smell the netting!...

Statistically at some point during my travels I knew I would succumb to a dose of Delhi belly...well ..the Korean equivalent...suffice to say yesterday was that day!...I'm sure it has increased my immunity for when I do go to Delhi in two weeks.

I managed to go back to the circuit for a meeting with the assistant to the race promoter and explained my project...she was so helpful and excited about my requests..she has lined up the Prime Minister, the governor the region, A government minister and the Chairman of the Korean Automobile Association....fantastic,,,they will write their lines on Sunday in the Paddock Club during the race, hopefully a little earlier than last week in Japan.

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