Sunday, 25 September 2011

Singapore race day(night)

There is certainly a unique atmosphere during the night race....the track takes on the appearance of one almighty arena under floodlights..there is a giant park adjacent to the track with a big stage belting out music all night...the only time one doesn't hear the music is when the cars take to the track......
What a Stella line-up of acts on stage...Boy George!....Rick Astley! think the organisers found an old 80's manual....and thought......yes get them!!
But there are some more contemporary acts too....Shikira...linkin Park..shaggy!...shows my age..don't know these!....somehow it seems right for acts to be playing at night.
There are so much for the spectators..all very civilised..apart from the Security....each time one goes in and out of the paddock, there is an airport style detector to pass through..with x-ray searches...this is the first race I have experienced this.
Met the CEO of the sponsors Singtell, nice guy had time to compose a piece for my book...he was quite nervous about the prospect of waving the checkered flag at the end of the race....he'd just been invited to do this..'What if I drop the flag!' to which someone replied.....'It hasn't happened yet!....
The quali took place quiet late at 10pm..the stands were thing I have noticed compared to other races the fans here don't carry or wear flags from their nations or teams..they don't really dress up...not sure why it would be different here..
I managed to walk around the inner circuit and find a spot to take pics...not easy taking taking good pics under floodlight....another Vettel pole...this could be the day when he secures his back to back Championship....still with 5 races to go!.....would be a good party if he wins..that's for sure!....

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