Thursday, 22 September 2011


More like Singarich!...very wealthy state, there is a big rising growth in the Arts ...very important in this multi cultural country.
I arrived early Wednesday morning around 7am after a 12 hour flight...straight to the sumptuous Mandarin Oriental Hotel and to keep with UK time...Managing to stay on UK time..all very weird waking up at 1-2 o clock in afternoon..then having lunch for breakfast!
The teams arrive at the circuit around 3 -4 in afternoon, as all the activity practice and quali all take place around 10pm local time.
It's a beautiful mini-metropolis...all centred around the main Marina with the towering sands hotel ..3 towers joined at the top..quite spectacular, especially at night...this city come alive at night..amazing display of lighting..heavens know what happens when they have power cuts!
The track is so much part of the city, street circuit that snakes around the marina..I overlook the track from my hotel night the lit track looks amazing...very powerful lights..I walked the circuit on Wednesday night..what stuck me as with many street circuit ...they are quiet unforgiving in terms of crashing...the barriers are concrete...the drivers will shave these at 200 mph...didn't see any tyre barriers...quite a a giant scalectrix!
The security here is quiet intense hotel is inside the circuit...not easy to get back sometimes!..had to climb some barriers..all seems a little odd...most of the major hotels are inside the circuit....yesterday example.  I walked back from visiting the sands hotel over the main bridge across the Marina bay..half way down I was met by 2 stewards and a barrier. I had my pass to the circuit and paddock, there was another German guy with his pass too.....but they refused us entry saying we needed an all zone pass and that we should turn back...he wouldn't listen to us saying we have full access passes...the other guy was guest of Charlie Whiting Race Director....he had to call Charlie to allow him through...10 Min's later Charlie arrived....but still the steward wouldn't let us through...what a mad, surreal funny situation...there was Charlie Whiting saying to the steward..I'm the bloody Race Director....let these two people through!!.....the steward just kept on saying ..I can't!!....finally we were let through...this happens often ..takes the phrase Jobs-Worth' a whole new level!
I've been staying up until 4 am taking pictures around the city at night....lovely restaurants and bars...not cheap...As with Malaysia...there is a Strong British colonial presence here..walked past the Singapore Cricket Club....Famous Raffles Hotel..beautiful and the Fullerton Hotel..nice coffee there!
It's a sort of health farm work-out sweats so much...very humid and always feels that rain is never too far many previous races!
As a spectacle the Circuit is quite remarkable..I went on the Enormous Singapore Flyer....huge wheel much taller than the London!..what a view...took some great pictures up there
There are many spas and massage parlours here especially in the shopping malls.
I may try out the local fish spa...there is one place near the hotel...Fish Spa and Internet cafe!!
So place your feet in this pool with tiny fish nibbling away at your feet!...apparently it's amazing reflexology....all this as you surf the Internet too!!
Meeting the Circuit management today...looking forward to taking pictures during the first free practice.....

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