Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sunday..great race around the Ring...

Well..what a great race..warmed the hearts of hardened race goers....if not their hands!
Very cold ..something like 10, 11 degrees..teams and drivers had to work overtime to keep the tyres warm.
The day started with German muesli and tea..very early to the circuit to avoid the heavy traffic...wasn't too bad. I think most people were camping.
I took a wonder deep into a campsite...quite an experience...flags and blowup dolls flying in the wind!
There were other parts I could have ventured down..but heavens knows what I would have found!.
Back to the paddock to find a famous boxer having his picture taken with lots of support staff...didn't catch his name. A German TV company were interviewing the Golfer Martin Kaymer with Niki Lauda..they had laid out a strip of astro turf with a platform and a hole for Niki to putt a ball....second attempt he holed the ball!
Photographers like these happenings...gives them something different to shoot.
I kept trying to contact the CEO's assistant to meet the Local region minister for his piece...but didn't happen.
The Grid was packed...because there was rain in the air..the teams go to great lenghs keeping everything dry..especially the drivers gloves and helmet...I took some good pics of these under team umbrellas
It's quite a walk the length of the Grid, I get to the grid early in order to do this...it's so funny the Red Bull mechanics masking all parts of their cars with their legs....I did take some pics of the rear ..then they motion their legs to cover...it's grid ballet!!...would make an interesting stage dance!
I said in an earlier posting that I saw Adrian Newey taking a rather close look at other cars....it's all good fun.
The big crowds went away fairly disappointed I'm sure...none of their guys on the podium..but managed to see Heidfeld spin off....seems to happen a lot that!
The photographers weren't really given any raised platform the take pics of the podium...so they were climbing the fence...not good Germany!...I'm surprised this wasn't addressed.
Hamilton was so happy....all the team personal put on their winners..peach coloured t shirt...looks very colourful. against the grey skies.
Had a short time after before heading to Frankfurt airport...nearly missed the flight!...
Hungary next...back to back...
2 days in London leaving Wednesday, looking forward to seeing Budapest too..

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