Thursday, 21 July 2011


Just arrived at the circuit after spending the day with Julia..local guide and great company..good German egg!..first impressions..
A mighty circuit...huge ...enormous I've seen so far, the fan zone is all inside in what looks like an enormous shopping mall...packed out! and it's only Thursday.
Apparently there has been a lot of new development creating a very impressive much for the fans to spend their euros..
I arrived to the accommodation around midnight. last night..delayed flight.
We are staying in this Lindner hotel and resort village..masses of swedish style shalets..all different's where teletubbies meet butlins!..if one can imagine that!
Great...very comfortable, self contained houses...all the teams are staying there too.
I was driven around the villages in the vacinity of Nurburgring..a.little like silverstone...lovely little hamlets with there particular architectual style.
Trees everywhere...we are deep in German forest here...apparently the locals call the track ..Grune holle.....Green hell!.so many trees!..coined by Jackie Stewart long time ago.
The Old circuit has a strong presence ..something like 23k in's still in use.
7pm ..meeting the CEO now in the new Lindner Hotel..then mercedes have a party...
Talking with Pirelli tomorrow morning about the Monza project...

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