Sunday, 24 July 2011

Race weekend at the Ring....

This part of Germany has it's own take on the Tale of the Ancient Mariner.....Trees Trees everywhere......and plenty of water too..!  The old castle looks over the Nurburgring, the locals say if you can't see the the castle then it's raining....if you can see the castle then rain is on it's way!...
Arrived to the track early to walk around the Fans Zone...this enormous shopping centre dedicated to all forms of Motor racing....DTM the German touring cars is also popular here..but F1 is the daddy!...The German fans I noticed like to show off their sartorial creative team outfits...with images of the German drivers all over..silly hats too...all very colourful..took some pics of them I'll post a pic.
One does feel as sense of history and heritage attached to this race track..there are many reminders of this in the form of old photos and piped's great..It really adds to the event
The night before Mercedes put on a BBQ for all the teams...nice food and wine...many teams and there drivers were there relaxing despite of a dubious singer blasting out Robbie Williams classics!!
The two practice sessions gave me an opportunity to walk the circuits inner track ..wearing my Photographers tabard..great shots of the many tight turns  slowing the cars down thus enabling me to get some great pics with the mighty grandstands as a backdrop..all full for the first practice.  There is a shuttle bus that takes the photographers to different parts of the circuit..very civilised!
As there are 6 German drivers..the home support is extremely vocal..great to see and hear..although the majority of support is for Schuey and Vettel.
Had a call from the Circuits CEO's office to meet him Jorg Lindner at 11 for him to write his piece..nice guy..he had spoken previously to Mr Ecclestone about the art project, a great thoughtful piece...he has transformed the look and layout around the circuit ..2 new hotels...this shopping complex...a huge roller coster that passes through the inside village...doesnt work at present due to technical problems with un-German!!
Great meeting with Pirelli..about the art event inking tyres at either Monza or Interlagos, Brazil.
 Pirelli have a nicely laid out Motor walls with there bright yellow name-logo..very striking.
The quali was very exciting..managed to find a good spot half way around the circuit to take many big screens so was able to follow the positions.
Back to the resort village..cows all around..but lovely Argentinian steak on the menu!

Should be a good day's racing with Webber on pole and Hamilton just behind..rain is forecast all day...the stands do look more colourful in the rain ..although the paddock tends to empty..all these VIPS develop this allergy to rain..wouldn't want it to dilute their Bubbly!
Off the the fans zone now....

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