Thursday, 28 July 2011

Beautiful Budapest...

There is beauty all around this old troubled city...the beauty I see is in the decoration..the intricate attention to detail on the street lanterns..floral patterning on the buildings..can't wait to incorporate these in the painting.
Just finished walking the entire city...can't remember how many bridges I crossed!..very impressive parliament building and the museum of modern art high on the top level looking down on the city below..also across the river my hotel , the view from my room overlooking the river...and the big new statue of liberty.
Unfortunately the weather again is poor!...wet but thankfully warmer than Germany!...great Goulash Lunch. found a little side street restaurant..always think the best restaurants are located in the smallest streets.
Lots of coach parties...saw some Koreans being conned and tricked out of the money by a magician with 3 small vessels and a ball..yes that old trick!'s a good income for these con merchants..
Walking down the Jewish quarter and ghettos, one can in a tiny way sense the pain and suffering the Jews must have felt...(not sure why..but there is a definite feeling)... during the war as they were rounded up and taken to the camps..this pain seems graphically etched on the dirty tired buildings.
Bought some great local fabric for the work...lots of lace and colourful stitched flowers..table clothes...not sure I'd like that on my table ...but then I'm cutting up the fabric...sacrilege perhaps!
I could spend a week taking pics here. To the track tomorrow..forecast is better..I hope!

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