Sunday, 10 April 2011

Race weekend

I'm not complaining...but it has been hot! fact all the H's...Hot, Hazy, Humid, Having a great time.
Managed to catch up with Mr E Sat morning asking me who had written their piece.I spent most of the day chasing the CEO and Chairman of Circuit, I think these people feel that they have to indulge in serious creative writing here!'s their legacy!
I'm feeling a little more at home in the Paddock now, getting to know more people from the teams. Saw Richard Cregan CEO Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi. Great to see him again and chat about my commission. Many CEO's from other circuits visit races.
I must say the organisation of this race was first class, very relaxed too.
Sunday was the day I had to nail all these executives..I arrived at circuit early around 9, bearing in mind race started at 4. Managed to secure pieces by CEO and Chairman with photos, spent most of day waiting for the PM and Petronas Chirman. Went up to the Paddock Club Perdana Suit..very posh!  Told them I was waiting for the Prime Minister. He was so accommodating, wrote a great piece about the importance of Formula 1 to Malaysian people...the Chirman of Petronas was less so, he didn't want to..shame.
I guess the PM is the top man!
This was all just before the Grid line-up. An FIA Official wouldn't allow me in the pits at first..hopefully this wont be a regular occurrence.
The grid was so the frenetic pace  and nervous tension built up...the final frantic interviews ..flash bulbs firing...engines ready for's quite a unique place, I do feel privileged to be there.
Mr E was leading the PM and his people through the throng..I managed to get some good shots there. then went to the roof to shoot the start...fantastic.
Rush to the Podium, I was standing next to Button's dad...looking up at Jenson.
It's Monday morning in the hotel, leaving for China Tues morning, going back into Kuala Lumpar now to find some Malaysian fabric for the painting.

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