Thursday, 7 April 2011

PM's Residence

Friday morning, late breakfast..quite a surreal Thursday night!
Razlan, circuit CEO invited me to the special welcome dinner in the Prime Ministers residence...what a grand palace..staircase the size of Milton Keynes!
I was told to wait at the meeting point in the hotel lobby for 7-30 to board the Bus to the residence, boarded the bus with the drivers and was bizarre seeing these drivers on a bus...not as bizarre though as having a police escort!.....
lots of welcome speeches before the buffet dinner, I sat next to Monisha CEO Sauber Team, first female team principle, I had met her earlier in the paddock to talk about her penning a piece for my artwork.
Not all the drivers and teams came. of course the Lotus and Petronas people were Mclaren ..
Razlan thought it would be a good idea for me to meet the PM and invite him to handwrite a piece for the Artwork, he was sat next to Benie Ecclestone, so I asked Bernie to make the one does!!
The PM was delighted to take part...meeting him on Sunday at the circuit as well as the CEO of Pretronas whom Bernie also introduced me this time the speech (rant) by Eddie Jordan had been and gone!.
Just before we were whisked away back to the bus for another police escort back!...I introduced myself to Tony Fernades..boss of Team Lotus..Airline owner...he was also happy to write a piece...So I think I have the full set! trumps!!
Off to KL today spending a full day in the city taking pics before the inevitable rain at 4pm!
So rains everyday at 4pm on the dot!.....guess what time the race starts on Sunday??..

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