Thursday, 25 August 2011


Here I am deep in the Belgium countryside in a little hamlet dedicated to Motor racing....this tiny village lives and breathes Motorsport...infact when a tree is felled and cut in half a stick of rock..written inside is Grand prix!....what stories these trees would tell...if only we could communicate with them!..actually some do!
In many ways this is the home of Modern racing..the corners and turns are as famous as the drivers,,,when I first approached the circuit this morning... ..the first thing I noticed was the imposing presence of  eau elegant steep climb with banks of trees to the left, far steeper than one is aware on TV.
My Hotel . Du Roannay. 800 metres from the track, infact its on the old track from 50 years ago.
Such a treat to walk to the circuit with the big crowds.
I spent the morning with a guide showing me around the bigger town of Spa..10km from Francorchamps.  First big building I notice was the big Casino in the town square.  I was told that the worlds first casino originated in Spa 1763. Not on that site but a place not too far, in a now derelict building called Waux Hall...  very interesting studio in London is in Vauxhall..which in the 18th Century displayed similar qualities and layout as Spa.Beautiful buildings...beautiful maidens..lakes..wealth ..and a perhaps the name Vauxhall comes from Spa....Belgium...
Saying all that..couldn't find a spa anywhere!...although rain is expected over weekend so water water everywhere!...
I like the layout of the paddock...split level, higher than the circuit with amazing views of the track and grandstands,, I also like the mix of old and new, there are parts of the track that haven't changed for years giving a great feeling of nostalgia..I'm sure the spectators love that too.
Not sure if I will see Mr Ecclestone ..maybe  on Sunday...he's giving his daughter away in to speak!
Met the promoter Mr Maes..charming man wrote his piece straight away...wants to introduce me to the Belgian legend Jacky Ickx over the weekend to get him to write about his passion for F1..and curiously Eddie Mercx too..who will be presenting Schumacher with a Bicycle on Sunday.
Looking forward to meeting these guys.
Great Meeting with Pirelli and FOM about the Art event in Monza...Can't say which drivers will be involved yet ..
Back to hotel now for some traditional Belgian food.....

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