Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday- Spa 1st and 2nd free practice

They said expect rain...they didn't mention the wasps!..masses of them, walking towards the circuit this morning I passed a waffle cabin with a lot of waffles laid out on the counter with hundreds of wasps all over them..who on earth would buy one...why they didn't think to cover them up!....

It's been one of those days...a steward refused me entry as a photographer to the inner circuit even though I was wearing my tabard...photographers have either a jacket with F1 photographer or a tabard...the steward said my tabard was for GP2 or GP3...not F1 ..even though F1 was written on it!...he still refused I walked away I took a picture of him to complain to security...he then grabbed my camera wanting my memory card..the security soon marked his card!
Stewards are often told one thing yet do the other!..give them a radio...they change!

Rain and sun had equal billing today..very warn and humid too
Because the hotel is within walking distance I didn't have to leave so early in the shuttle car. Big crowds were walking past the hotel, unlike previous races the spectators were wearing many different team colours, not one team seemed to be favoured.
Lovely meal in the hotel last night, although I couldn't put out  the fire on my creme brulee!...nice to see Mark Webber relaxing eating with his family.
The paddock is so close to the track, great view of the circuit.
Because of the rain, the drivers tended to run  from the motor homes to their garages, frustrating the eager snappers!...
Waited in Pirelli hospitality for a final meeting about the inking of Pirelli tyres in Monza, we agreed to get 5 drivers making Prints, rolling the tyres out on a long sheet of paper.  Very excited about this, BBC will film this and come to my studio also. All the press will be informed.
I have a busy weekend coming, need to find the CEO of Shell to write his piece, and other dignitaries.
looking forward to taking great pictures of the cars speeding up Eau Rouge..and the iconic corner called Bus Stop...not sure why...bit different to my local Bus stop in Kennington!

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