Monday, 29 August 2011

Sun.........Was it an IneVETTELble victory!

All done Spa the shouting!....sorry I'm in pun heaven today.....must be something in the water!
Now Vettel is 103 points ahead the deed is almost done, but all very exciting with lots of incident
and overtaking. I hear that some say overtaking is too easy now.....these were the same people
in previous years saying overtaking was too difficult!
Sunday is always a hectic fun day for me, pleasure again walking to the circuit past all the temporary bars..all full at 9am!
Lot's of English ticket touts too, I noticed this at other races also. Such a party atmosphere with tents pitched either side of the road..,.very dubious Euro music belting out from the speakers which in some cases look bigger than the tents!
I received a message from Shell (title sponsor) to come to their hospitality at Eau Rouge, made my way down there pass the steward who had refused me entry earlier...we had a smile....
Firstly I spoke to an assistant of one of the assistants to the CEO Mr Voser...the assistant said he had to speak to the other assistant.....and so it went on!...finally they both agreed without speaking to the CEO, that he was too busy to write his piece!...this has happened a few times..if I speak directly to the CEO's they are more than happy to contribute...but these assistants know better!!!!
Anyway they agreed that he will write his piece this week with a photo and send it to me..all fun and games!..
I then ran back up to the paddock through the GP2 and GP3 area to catch Eddie Mercx...but missed him unfortunately.   Mr E was due to arrive around 12-30, many people thought he would stay in Italy for his daughters wedding.
I wasn't able to see him, hopefully he will watch the Art Event in Monza, which will happen in the paddock...5 drivers making a series of prints with the Pirelli tyres...and making a mess too...will be great..
Watched the race in Sauber Hospitality, they have the most beautiful red mugs for tea with chocolate biscuits...very civilised!..
Queued up with 5 laps to go for the Podium..I must say there was no stand or elevation for the snappers...some brought ladders..and the Lovely Podium spoilt by the Scaffold pole barrier in the front which totally got in the way of the photography looking up at the drivers....not good!...
Also I would love to see different faces on the Podium!.....
Can't wait for Monza.....back to studio now..managed to make a lot of progress on the paintings during the called break..noticed all the drivers sporting their new sun tans..obviously didn't spend their break in the UK!

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