Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sat- Who put the Spa in Sparring!?

Answer....Hamilton and Maldonado!...certainly the talk of the paddock after their coming together
during quali..the consensus seems to be, Pastor was in the wrong...and he has form!..
Seems to me when something like this happens it's good for the press and teams..
I positioned myself on Eau Rouge firstly at the top then at the bottom almost within touching distance of the cars..fantastic..great shots.
During the final free practice in the morning..... looking towards the other side of the circuit from the paddock, way in the distance, one could see the cars disappearing into the forest, because of the heavy rain the spray from the cars soared high above the an old locomotive steaming through...beautiful scene.
The grandstands were full, also the huge grass banks..they love their racing here, lots had come to see Schumacher..20 years in F1...there was a drinks party in Mercedes Motor Home plus other presentations to the old man!
With every race that passes I know more paddock people..I get stopped and asked how the painting is going 'looking forward to seeing them ,they say'.... no pressure then!
Every time I see Eddie Jordan walk down the paddock....well actually he doesn't walk because he  stops every other pace to chat with someone...he know them all..and their families..probably their dogs too!
Saw him come into the hotel restaurant last night and gave the lady owner a big hug!
My table was positioned next to a table of 12, all invited guests of Red Bull..a real insight as to how their PR machine impressive as their cars!
Then Christian Horner arrived to chat with them for 15 minutes before going to another function, the time was around 9pm...Basically he was telling them what they wanted to hear.
It was great..I had a ringside seat with good food and wine.
Then another special guest arrived...just flown in. The Chief Car Designer for Nissan. As he was introduced..they revealed an exclusive.....not yet to be released until next month.....
A new car designed by this Nissan big collaboration with Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel... a road car ..on sale to the public soon.
Amazing what one hears sitting eating at a restaurant!.
Looking forward to the race...and the stewards response to pastor and lewis. one of which is Nigel Mansell ..I see him a lot at the races.

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