Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wet race day in Montreal

Firstly , just corrected some errors from Previous Blog...thanks Tommy!
It's a cool wet day...looks like heavy rain and thunder expected during the race...first use of the wet tyres ...should be eventful and exciting.
Yesterday the rain didn't materialise, although overcast it stayed dry throughout qualifying.
Lots of Activity in the Paddock...took a great picture (I'll post it on Blog) of little Hamilton with a 7ft basketball player!...hope Lewis didn't strain his neck!..apparently Ice T with with them too.
Ex F1 driver Jean Alesi was talking to Emerson Fittipaldi who is a  race Steward, I was told that lots of ex drivers love to come to Montreal. There were a delegation from the new Texas circuit taking a look around...although they didn't ask me any questions!...missed a trick there!
During quali I went for another walkabout in my photographers tabard..great access trackside..I was stationed at the first chicane, behind me was a huge packed grandstand full of vocal supporters, seems most were supporting Ferrari, I guess from the Villenerve days.
Had a brief meeting with Francoise, Circuit Chairman about him penning his piece. 1-30 today during the race. Also the Mayor and a government minister, also apparently there are some celebrities coming ..all very this space they say....

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