Friday, 25 March 2011

6-30 saturday morning..been upm a few hours..think my own time-zone is somewhere between london and melbourne!
Busy day yesterday, weather lousy!..20 degrees, rain, wind. A good test for the new Pirelli tyres.
 Managed to meet the Circuit Chairman Ron Walker and CEO Andrew Westacott, explained the project to them, both more than happy to take part..although they need time to think about what they will pen for my painting...everybody wants a peice of five mins with them was like gold-dust!.
I must say I feel like a new boy at school, finding my way..perhaps for the teams too, with their bright newly designed uniforms, I really like the Maclaren new black number!.
I managed to speak to Mclarens PR guy Steve Cooper...he started off at Art looks after Lewis Hamilton..I wonder if they talk Art together!
I've introduced myself to all the teams PR people and press officers..tried their coffees too...Virgin's Cappucino..very nice...with a biscuit too!
The Atmosphere at the circuit is certainly building..the Aussies like their Motor sports, around the circuit there are so many fun-fair type activities..lots for the paying public..didnt spot many beer tents though....very unusual for this part of the world I'm sure!
Later in the day I took more pics around the the Arts district..easy to get around on the trams.they just work!..why did we get rid of them in London.
Went the Queen Victoria Market, huge covered arena..I must say ..Market crap can be found everywhere one's alive and well here!
Looking forward to qulifying today, think Button was fastest in practice with Hamilton second.

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