Sunday, 16 October 2011

Red Bull....Heart and Seoul Winners!!

Sunday –Race day

Red Bull clinching the championship..Great day for red bull…great season!...

Taking pictures of the podium the two faces either side of Vettel, Hamilton and Webber .. tell a sorry tale of woe and frustration, Hamilton just about mustered a smile when he was given his trophy and webber in hurry to leave the podium …not before cheekily spraying the Prime Minister with Champagne!...I ‘ve noticed he likes to do that..cover the suits in  bubbly!.

The race started at 3pm local time so this morning woke up a little later…just as well ..had a late session in the Hotel bar..really enjoyable and relaxed chatting to Mark Webber, Herbie Blash, Charlie Whiting…and Martin Donnaly who had that horrific near fatal accident not long before Senna died…It was great to meet him, he’s a steward at this race… can’t see me picking up the names I keep dropping!

With each race of course one gets to know more people…and they are genuinely interested in what I’m doing…also chatting to the journo’s is always enlightening !...some of these guys have been treading the F1 boards for years and years…most stories are not blogable!!

And they do drink!..John Button was also at the bar..very entertaining.
Another busy race day for me, always enjoyable.  There was a very colourful vibrant opening ceremony before the race, lots of traditional costumes and instruments, They like to do this at Asian races..not so in Europe.
Then there was the drivers parade, so funny ...all the snappers were gathered on the track and myself to take pics of the drivers in front of the main grandstand when some of us noticed this Korean couple in amongst us..bold as brass taking pictures, no passes, just very bright outfits ...hilarious security all around ..didn't notice!
After the grid I had to rush up to the Government suite in the Paddock club where I met the Prime Minister of Korea..the protocol here is amazing ..very efficient
The PM ,Minster of tourism and the Province Governor all wrote a piece for the pleased...nice suite too.  All this happened half way during the race, so no mad rush.
The PM wrote about the race in the future being an iconic symbol of Korea's excellence in bringing Sport and Culture to the Republic.
I must say there has been quite a mixed response to the event , what is not in question is the drivers liking of the track..perhaps everything else takes time to diplomatically put!............
This race I was able to see parts of the de-rigging, my transfer didn't leave until 8, 3 hours after the race. What an operation and mostly working in the dark....fork-lifts all over the paddock lifting the huge containers into position, these guys will work all night, some of the containers are as well treated and looked after as the cars, quite a sight. The team riggers and FOM riggers change into their work gear, although the whole of Red Bull had changed into their victory t-shits with world champions written on the back...Christian Horner was still doing many interviews in the paddock, I managed to take his photo asking him to do the Vettel finger salute!
It's an odd time in the paddock, Lot's of people rushing to get their airport or hotel transfers.
Caught my transfer bus to Seoul at 8....5 hour journey to the Airport Hotel, Hyatt,..travelled up with  quite a few photographers....not sure what the collective noun would be for then....maybe  a 'del-boy' of photographers!...Why are their not any women snappers!..It's all testosterone and tripods!! ....5 hour sleep then Flight to Hong kong....which is where I am now...waiting to board the final 11 hour flight back to London........

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